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SIGN UP: Jean's Customer Service Academy on October 21 

Jean Steel is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker, whose universal appeal makes her message timely and timeless. She has a knack for providing information in a humorous and fun way. Her belief is that laughter and learning are not mutually exclusive. Her motivational talks and keynotes are in high demand.


Webinars give you the benefits of Jean’s trainings without the travel, expense and logistical issues of attending a live workshop. With both personal and business webinar sessions, these live, half-hour webinar sessions produced by the inimitable Jean Steel cover everything from Teamwork to Tips for Dealing with Difficult People, Assertiveness to Assumptions and Values to Volunteerism.


Happy Employees Win is similarly designed to improve the working environment for both employees and employers. We focus on understanding the other person's point of view and creating a strong sense of accountability in the workplace.


Happy Nurses Win is a program dedicated to creating stress-free environments for the fast paced professional nursing world in hospitals and doctor's offices everywhere. Give your nurses and support staff the tools they need to work through burnout and get back to doing what they do best - taking care of your patients.